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Wealth Planning

Like a good exercise regimen, we believe a sound, holistic plan strengthens one's financial health. Clients benefit from being able to capture a snapshot of their current financial position and look at how their patterns of saving and spending may affect future outcomes. We gather and evaluate clients' financial information to establish an achievable plan. A multi-year plan can illustrate the effects of one's saving, spending and investing behavior over time horizons of ten years, twenty years, or more.

Under wealth planning services, we also advise clients in asset allocation, investment considerations, estate considerations, tax considerations, and retirement scenarios. This can occur in the context of the overall financial plan, or for special situations. For example, an executive with savings tied up in real estate or company stock may find herself asset-rich but cash-poor in future years. Or, a corporate executive with stock options may need a customized plan to maximize the realized value of his stock options within the context of his need for cash. Or, a family with substantial wealth may need to mitigate the tax burden of a large estate.

In helping our clients sort through their financial options, we listen closely to their financial motivations and constraints to arrive at realistic solutions. Where additional outside expertise is required, we may provide our clients with referrals to unaffiliated third-party professionals.