Investment Management

We work closely with you in developing your investment portfolio.

Our investment process starts with a thorough understanding of your financial situation, risk profile, income needs, tax situation, and time horizon. As long-term investors, we begin our investment process by studying underlying market fundamentals and key economic trends. We look for industry themes and promising growth within sectors.

Client Centered

From this top-down view, we seek companies with sustainable competitive businesses, strong free cashflow, and healthy or rising profit margins. 

Our macro view and knowledge of industries and companies inform our selection of mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) for your account. 

These vehicles enable us to further diversify, tilt sector exposure, explore key investment niches, or broaden our non-US portfolio reach. 

Sustainability is a factor when we consider an industry or company’s investment merits.

We seek exposure in renewable and clean energy industries. 

Technology is the engine in a digital economy; therefore, we emphasize sectors where technology-driven innovation and disruption are producing long-term, sustainable opportunity.

<b>Bond Investments</b>

Bond Investments

We focus predominantly on investment-grade bonds (both taxable and tax-exempt).

Our approach is mostly defensive, balancing average maturities closely with the client’s income needs and investment goals.

Individual bond portfolios are broadly diversified by issuer with mutual funds, ETFs, and other instruments offering broader exposure.

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