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Wealth management founded in integrity, independence, and commitment.


Welcome to Tandem Capital Management - An independent, private wealth advisor.

The Conundrum: Wealth. How to keep it, how to grow it, how to make it work to fit your needs or those of the next generation?

Is it a new world for those with a need to manage their wealth? For the affluent, it may seem so. The task is complicated by unprecedented financial events, shifting demographic trends, intensifying competition, the zig-zag of government policies, and choices. Many choices.

Our Role:  We help our clients chart and then navigate a sound financial course.

There are no sure-fire scripts for investment success, but there are basic principles. Long-term investing, the benefits of diversification, the power of compounding, and an attention to value are basic principles applied at Tandem Capital Management.

And because history does not repeat itself exactly, but does frequently rhyme, experience matters. Our principals have over 25 years of experience in the financial markets and in working with clients.

Our website provides information on how we help high net worth families and individuals develop plans to handle the demands and uncertainties of their financial future and how we allocate and invest client capital.  More importantly, it discusses how we listen and engage.