Conversations with the Advisor

Q: True wealth. More than Just Dollars and Cents. What do you mean by that?

Wealth, to most, means financial or tangible assets. We see true wealth as including greater, intangible riches like family, personal values, and philanthropy. 

We listen to understand what your intangible riches may be and then help provide you with peace of mind through securing tangible wealth to enjoy them. Our partnership with you ultimately frees up that most precious treasure — time.

Q: What makes your firm different?

The culture and tone start from the top. Integrity, ethics, trust, expertise and experience are paramount, and are evident in all that we do. We believe every client deserves the highest quality advice and care.  

Our principals are well rounded and formally trained, with extensive investment experience, education and expertise. This deep investment experience also differentiates our planning work for you.

You work directly with us as your advisors, not indirectly through an intermediary. We are independent in that we accept no commissions, are not part of any larger financial institution, and work on a fee-only basis to align our interests with yours.

Q: What should I expect from wealth planning?

You can expect that we will listen closely to what is important to you — your goals, your priorities, your concerns, and your passions. 

We work alongside you to review and adapt your plan as financial lifecycle events arise  life events such as planning for retirement, funding for education, transitioning to new jobs, and estate planning.

Our deep expertise and experience in investments are key to sound planning. We strive to take the anxiety out of managing your wealth so you may focus on, and enjoy, what’s important to you.

Q: What about investment management?

We tailor your portfolio to your account objective, level of risk tolerance, investment horizons, and tax considerations. We invest broadly and for the long term. We meet your investment goals by making effective use of vehicles such as individual stocks, bonds, active and passive mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and partnerships.

As we are personally involved in the customization of your portfolio, you can expect that we can explain our investment strategy and selections we make on your behalf.

Q: Can my personal values influence how you invest for me?

In a customized portfolio of individual stocks, we have considerable latitude to exclude exposures to companies and industrial sectors to which you might be philosophically opposed. Or, include those to which you are philosophically inclined.

Q: How do you decide on what to invest in?

First, we keep an eye towards changing economic outlooks, industry dynamics, and technological disruption. We aim for diversification and higher risk-adjusted investment returns.

In our individual company research, we generally seek above-average revenue growth, strong free cashflow, and improving fundamentals.  

In mutual funds, we select above-average managers who add value beyond passive returns. We focus on growth opportunities where innovation and disruptive technology could enhance total portfolio returns.

For ETFs, we often look for thematic tailwinds and select industry exposure we want to overweight for tactical allocations.

Q: Do you invest in companies that are focused on addressing climate change?

Yes, we look for and invest in promising renewable energy companies, funds and partnerships that directly address climate change challenges. 

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