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The Right Fit

The foundation of our counsel to clients is to invest for the long term and plan for the future in a way that is rational and disciplined. Yet, if plotting a proper investment course were simply like resetting a financial thermostat, then a clever computer program or an informative magazine article would accomplish the purpose. In fact, those with substantial assets often bring with them a broad spectrum of unique circumstances, challenges and emotional profiles. These investors look to Tandem Capital Management as an active advisor that can understand fully, inform effectively, and execute faithfully over the short and long term. These investors are looking for a partner, not a tool.

To be an effective partner, we are called upon to understand an individual client’s personal circumstances, assist in the sorting out of aims, and consider temperament and expectations in developing strategies and portfolios. We encourage engagement. At the same time, we know that clients want to be informed and, often, educated about the solutions developed for them. Clients expect that their financial advisor, when called upon, has the expertise and willingness to explain the logic of an investment strategy or an individual investment.

We have more than 25 years of experience working with clients. This means helping clients cope with the foreseen, as well as the unforeseen. For some, it is retirement or planning for the next generation. For others, it is regrouping in the aftermath of a major event such as a devastating storm, or a career transition. Lastly, clients have the expectation that our combination of expertise and effective ongoing management frees up another precious resource for them — time.

As the Tandem Capital Management logo depicting two rowers suggests, both advisor and client have to pull on the oars together.